1 February 1567 Scope and Content Indictment of Alice PRESTMARYe of Great Dunmow, wife of John PRESTMARYe spinster, bewitched Edward Parker son of Robert Parker "tanner", putting him in peril of his life, so that his life is despaired of. Pleads not guilty; guilty. Judgement according to the Statute. [ASS 35/9/2/5]

102. Taken on 7 May 9 Eliz., at Colchester, before John and rob. Myddeton, coroners for the town of colchester, on view of the body of Alice PRESTMARY a prisoner in colchester Castle. the jurors say that she languished for a mont of on illness called `a fever' from 1 to 6 May and then died. Voisitation of God.

Assizes held at Brentwood 13 March 1567......
Alice Preasmary taken at Dunmow, for suspicion of felony.

Also, her husband, John Prestmarye killed himself in 1567
INQUISITIONSTaken on 1 February 9 eliz., at Great dunmow, before tho. Knott, coroner, on view of the body of John PRESTMARYE of Great Dunmow lab. aged 60 years. The jurors say that John on 30 January hanged himself from a `walnute tree' in his garden with a halter.
Felo de se.

His inquest was on the same day as her trial.