Witchcraft Act 1547

An Acte for the Repeale of certain Statutes, etc.

Sect 3. And be it further ordeyned and enacted by thauctoritie aforesaide that all offences made felonye by anny Acte or Actes of plament Statute or Statutes made sithens the xxiij daie of Apryll in the first yere of the Reigne of the saide late King Henry theight. not beinge felonye before and allso all and everye the braunches and articles mentioned or in anny wise declared in anny of the same Statute concerninge the making of anny Offence or Offences to be felonye not being felonye before, and all paynes and forfaitures concerninge the same or anny of them, shall from hensfurthe be repealed and utterlye voyde and none effecte.