English Witch Trials

This is a list of just some of the thousands of poor souls wrongly tried during the Witch Hunts. Let them not be forgotten, nor the pain they went through.
Victims of our local witch trials in Essex are shown seperately.

Blessed Be

1652 Francis Adamson of Durham
1664 Margaret Ager of Somerset
1645 Anne Alderman of Suffolk
1650 Joan Allen of Middlesex
1582 Margery Androwes of Middlesex
1645 Anne Ansom of Suffolk
1645 Joan Argoll of Kent
1668 Alice Armstrong of Durham
1575 'Mother' Arnold of Staffordshire
1652 Anne Ashby of Kent
1664 Isabell Atcheson of Northumberland
1582 Cecilia Atkins of Norfolk
1673 Margaret Aynsley of Northumberland
1673 Michael Aynsley of Northumberland

1645 Nathaniel Bacon of Suffolk
1645 Mary Bacon of Suffolk
1661 Frances Bailey of Hertfordshire
1652 Joan Baker of Devon
1618 Anne Baker of Leicester
1619 Anne Baker of Leicester
1653 Joan Baker of Wiltshire
1583 Ellen Bamfield of Kent
1668 Mary Bannister of Norfolk
1612 Mary Barber of Northampton
1601 Ellen Bark of Nottingham
1645 Anne Barker of Suffolk
1630 'Goodwife' Barlowe of Wiltshire
1585 Joan Barringer of Middlesex
1584 Elizabeth Bartell of Middlesex
1599 Oliffe Bartham of Suffolk
1653 Barbara Bartle of Middlesex
1534 Elizabeth Barton of Kent
1638 Alice Bastard of Middlesex
1645 Margaret Bayts of Suffolk
1645 Joan Beales of Suffolk
1649 Susan Beaumont of Yorkshire
1621 Anne Beaver of Middlesex
1645 Mary Becket of Suffolk
1645 Meribell Bedford of Suffolk
1653 Elizabeth Beeman of Wiltshire
1645 Margaret Bennett of Suffolk
1656 Jennet Benton of Yorkshire
1656 George Benton of Yorkshire
1577 Helen Beriman of Middlesex
1616 Agnes Berrye of Middlesex
1617 Agnes Berrye of Middlesex
1660 Joan Bibb of Worcestershire
1645 Bridget Bigsby of Suffolk
1612 Arthur Bill of Northampton
1645 'Mother' Binkes of Suffolk
1664 Anne Bishop of Somerset
1645 Ellen Bishop of Suffolk
1645 Maria Blackburne of Norfolk
1679 Elisabeth Blade of Norfolk
1645 Margery Blake of Suffolk
1653 Anne Bodenham of Wiltshire
1664 Thomas Bolster of Somerset
1655 'Mother' Boram of Suffolk
1655 'miss' Boram of Suffolk
1645 Anne Boreham of Suffolk
1654 Grace Boxe of Middlesex
1607 Alice Bradley of Middlesex
1645 Elizabeth Bradwell of Norfolk
1645 Mary Brame of Suffolk
1617 Anne Branche of Middlesex
1645 Elizabeth Bray of Suffolk
1597 Alice Brerely of Lancashire
1667 'Widow' Bridge of Lancashire
1658 Jane Brooks of Somerset
1570 Margaret Browne of Kent
1612 Agnes Browne of Northampton
1612 Joan Browne of Northampton
1612 Mary Browne of Northampton
1672 Phelippa Bruen of Devon
1645 Martha Bruff of Sussex
1649 Dorothy Brumley of Middlesex
1612 John Bulcock of Lancaster
1612 Jane Bulcock of Lancaster
1626 Edmund Bull of Somerset
1649 Mathew Bulmer of Northampton
1664 James Bush of Somerset
1645 Mary Bush of Suffolk
1560 'Mother' Buske of Kent
1584 Elizabeth Butcher of Norfolk
1682 Joan Butts of Surrey
1649 Mary Bychance of Hertfordshire
1645 John Bysack of Suffolk

1595 Hellen Calles of Hertfordshire
1645 Henry Cane of Suffolk
1693 Dorothy Case of Devon
1586 Jone Cason of Kent
1661 Margaret Catherwood of Northumberland
1645 John Chambers of Suffolk
1693 'Widow' Chambers of Suffolk
1646 Elisabeth Chandler of Huntingdonshire
1612 'Mother' Chattox of Lancaster
1650 Anne Chettle of Leicester
1645 Margery Chinnery of Suffolk
1646 Elisabeth Churcher of Huntingdonshire
1645 Rose Clamfield of Suffolk
1717 Jane Clark of Leicester
1717 'miss' Clark of Leicester
1670 Ann Clarke of Buckinghamshire
1646 John Clarke of Cambridgeshire
1664 Margaret Clarke of Somerset
1683 Anna Clarke of Somerset
1645 Thomas Clarke of Suffolk
1676 Mary Clarkson of Cornwall
1499 Agnes Clerk of Suffolk
1645 Alice Clippwell of Norfolk
1645 Mary Clowes of Suffolk
1580 John Coleman of Buckinghamshire
1580 'Goodwife' Coleman of Buckinghamshire
1645 Priscilla Collit of Suffolk
1664 John Combes of Somerset
1657 Robert Conyers of Yorkshire
1596 'Mother' Cooke of Leicester
1611 Elizabeth Cooke of Yorkshire
1690 Margaret Coombes of Somerset
1663 Julian Cox of Somerset
1561 Reverend Coxe of Kent
1673 John Crauforth of Northumberland
1623 Elizabeth Creary of Yorkshire
1645 Anne Cricke of Suffolk
1645 Ellen Crisp of Suffolk
1654 Diana Crosse of Devon
1646 Elizabeth Crossley of Yorkshire
1679 Eliasabeth Crowe of Norfolk
1657 Elizabeth Crowley of Middlesex
1664 Rose Cullender of Suffolk
1642 Nicholas Culpepper of Middlesex
1664 Katherine Curry of Northumberland

1645 Mary Dacon of Suffolk
1696 Mary Daye of Cornwall
1676 Susannah Daye of Devon
1589 'Mrs' Deir of London
1612 Elizabeth Demdike of Lancaster
1645 Alice Denham of Suffolk
1646 Anne Desborough of Huntingdonshire
1612 Elizabeth Device of Lancaster
1612 James Device of Lancaster
1612 Alizon Device of Lancaster
1645 Susan Dexe of Suffolk
1664 Richard Dickes of Somerset
1645 Elisabeth Dickes of Suffolk
1664 Doll Dilby of Yorkshire
1683 Jane Dodson of London
1644 'Widow' Drew of Kent
1673 Anne Driden of Northumberland
1645 Ellen Driver of Suffolk
1575 Elizabeth Ducke of Middlesex
1645 Elisabeth Dudgeon of Norfolk
1664 Alice Duke of Somerset
1570 'Mother' Dungeon of Kent
1689 Christiana Dunne of Wiltshire
1664 Thomas Dunning of Somerset
1664 Amy Duny of Suffolk

1655 Katherine Earle of Yorkshire
1670 Elizabeth Eburye of Devon
1645 Margaret Eccleston of Suffolk
1682 Susanna Edwards of Devon
1645 Mary Edwards of Suffolk
1671 Johanna Elford of Devon
1647 Dorothy Ellis of Cambridgeshire
1645 Anne Ellis of Suffolk
1574 Joan Ellyse of Middlesex
1694 Margaret Elnore of Suffolk
1580 Ann Emerson of Durham
1578 Reverend Emerson of London
1645 Mary Emmerson of Suffolk
1645 James Emmerson of Suffolk
1653 Isabel Emott of Yorkshire
1657 Katherine Evans of Middlesex
1645 Mary Everard of Suffolk
1645 Thomas Everard of Suffolk
1645 Mariana Everard of Suffolk

1646 Joanna Farnaby of Cambridgshire
1690 Elizabeth Farrier of Somerset
1645 Nazerath Fasset of Cambridgeshire
1680 Elizabeth Fenwick of Yorkshire
1597 Sibilla Ferris of Kent
1645 Elizabeth Fillet of Suffolk
1645 Elizabeth Finch of Suffolk
1648 Katharine Fisher of Middlesex
1580 Henry Fize of Somerset
1619 Joan Flower of Lincoln
1619 Margaret Flower of Lincoln
1619 Philippa Flower of Lincoln
1645 Richard Forman of Suffolk
1652 Temperence Fossett of Middlesex
1674 Ann Foster of Northampton
1673 Anne Foster of Northumberland
1652 Hester France of Yorkshire
1624 'Mother' Francis of Norfolk
1600 Margaret Fraunces of Norfolk
1659 'Goodwife' Free of Hertfordshire
1597 Alice Freeman of Nottingham
1645 Mary Fuller of Suffolk
1658 Joan Furnace of Devon

1582 'Mother' Gabley of Norfolk
1583 'Mother' Gabley of Norfolk
1579 'Mother' Garve of Shropshire
1667 Emmy Gaskin of Northumberland
1618 Joan Gill of Leicester
1587 Helena Gill of Norfolk
1645 Mary Godard of Suffolk
1597 Agnes Godfrey of Middlesex
1610 Agnes Godfrey of Middlesex
1597 Alice Gooderidge of Derbyshire
1590 Margaret Grame of Norfolk
1700 Anne Grantly of Dorset
1626 Joan Greedie of Somerset
1619 Ellen Green of Leicester
1664 Alice Green of Somerset
1664 Catherine Green of Somerset
1664 Christian Green of Somerset
1664 Mary Green of Somerset
1645 Elisabeth Greene of Suffolk
1645 Sybil Greene of Suffolk
1654 Anne Greene of Yorkshire
1645 Ellen Greenliefe of Suffolk
1704 Sarah Griffiths of Middlesex
1645 Abre Grimset of Suffolk
1645 Grace Gunburgh of Suffolk
1646 Elizabeth Gurrey of Bedfordshire
1695 Mary Guy of Cornwall
1655 Margaret Gyngell of Wiltshire

1585 Margaret Hackett of Middlesex
1645 Anne Hammer of Suffolk
1641 'One' Hammond of Middlesex
1687 Abigail Handford of Devon
1701 Susanna Hanover of Devon
1612 Jennet Hargreaves of Lancaster
1645 Elisabeth Harris of Kent
1683 Elenora Harris of Somerset
1683 Susannah Harris of Somerset
1683 Marie Harris of Somerset
1606 Johanna Harrison of Hertfordshire
1606 'miss' Harrison of Hertfordshire
1606 Johanna Harrison of Hertfordshire
1606 'miss' Harrison of Hertfordshire
1580 Henry Harrison of Somerset
1694 Ann Hart of Kent
1658 Thomas Harvey of Devon
1624 Joane Harvey of Norfolk
1627 Sara Hathericke of Durham
1671 Margaret Heddon of Devon
1645 Nicholas Hempstead of Suffolk
1687 Elizabeth Hengler of Dorset
1612 Katherine Hewitt of Lancaster
1674 Joseph Hinchcliffe of Lancashire
1674 'Goodwife' Hinchcliffe of Lancashire
1645 Jane Holt of Kent
1696 Elizabeth Horner of Devon
1598 Elizabeth Housegoe of Norfolk
1644 'Mother' Hovey of Suffolk
1645 Anne Howsell of Sussex
1647 Helen Howson of Middlesex
1645 Elisabeth Hubarb of Suffolk
1650 Ann Hudson of Yorkshire
1637 Joice Hunniman of Staffordshire
1615 Joan Hunt of Middlesex
1615 'Mr' Hunt of Middlesex
1616 Joan Hunt of Middlesex
1664 Alice Huson of Yorkshire
1652 Catherine Huxley of Worcestershire

1602 Elizabeth Jackson of London
1645 Anne Jeffries of Cornwall
1612 Helen Jenkinson of Northampton
1634 Margaret Johnson of Lancashire
1599 Jone Jordan of Suffolk
1605 Jone Jurdie of Yorkshire

1645 William Keeble of Suffolk
1659 Elizabeth Kennett of Middlesex
1682 Jane Kent of London
1599 Anne Kerke of London
1645 Judith Kettle of Suffolk
1664 Rachel King of Somerset
1645 'One' King of Suffolk
1674 John Knipp of Somerset
1674 Agnes Knipp of Somerset
1649 Elizabeth Knott of Hertfordshire
1687 Dewnes Knumerton of Dorset

1645 Joan Lacey of Norfolk
1645 'Mother' Lakeland of Suffolk
1653 Elizabeth Lambe of Yorkshire
1649 John Lamen of Hertfordshire
1649 Joan Lamen of Hertfordshire
1649 Mary Lamen of Hertfordshire
1651 Elizabeth Lanam of Middlesex
1664 Richard Larmen of Somerset
1582 Alison Lawe of Durham
1584 Jeffrey Leach of Staffordshire
1645 Dorothy Lee of Norfolk
1645 Margaret Legat of Suffolk
1646 'Goodwife' Lendall of Cambridgeshire
1582 Joan Lingwood of Norfolk
1584 Joan Lingwood of Norfolk
1645 Elisabeth Linstead of Norfolk
1645 Jane Linstead of Suffolk
1682 Temperance Lloyd of Devon
1627 Elizabeth Londesdale of Lancaster
1654 Elizabeth Loudon of Wiltshire
1646 'Mother' Louis of Suffolk
1645 'Goodwife' Low of Suffolk
1645 John Lowes of Suffolk
1667 Margaret Loy of Lancashire

1614 Dorothy Magick of Middlesex
1645 Elisabeth Man of Suffolk
1645 Susan Manners of Suffolk
1645 Susan Marchant of Suffolk
1652 Anne Marchant of Yorkshire
1645 Alice Marsh of Suffolk
1652 Anne Martyn of Kent
1618 Bridget Meakins of Middlesex
1585 John Meere of Dorset
1645 'One' Meggs of Norfolk
1597 Elizabeth Melton of Yorkshire
1665 Jone Mereweather of Wiltshire
1607 Rose Mersam of Middlesex
1673 Magaret Milburne of Yorkshire
1619 Agnes Miller of Middlesex
1645 'Goodwife' Mills of Suffolk
1645 Faith Mills of Suffolk
1672 Elizabeth Mills of Wiltshire
1606 Ralph Milner of Yorkshire
1645 Margaret Mixter of Suffolk
1684 Alicia Molland of Devon
1565 Agnes Mondaye of Dorset
1646 Frances Moore of Cambridgeshire
1647 'Goodwife' Moore of Cambridgeshire
1647 'Goodwife' Moore of Cambridgeshire
1603 Ales Moore of Norfolk
1690 Ann Moore of Somerset
1701 Sarah Morduck of London
1645 James More of Suffolk
1645 Rebecca Morris of Suffolk
1595 Jane Mortimer of London
1566 Elizabeth Mortlock of Cambridgeshire
1651 Margaret Morton of Yorkshire
1694 'Mother' Munnings of Suffolk
1645 Alice Muntford of Suffolk

1599 Joane Naylor of Suffolk
1601 Richard Nelson of Middlesex
1604 Anne Nevelson of Northumberland
1595 John Newell of Hertfordshire
1595 Joane Newell of Hertfordshire
1653 Elizabeth Newman of Middlesex
1686 Jane Noal of Cornwall
1574 Alice Norrington of Kent
1717 'Mother' Norton of Leicester
1717 'miss' Norton of Leicester
1612 Alice Nutter of Lancaster

1659 Mary Oliver of Norfolk
1658 'Widow' Orchard of Wiltshire
1645 'Mother' Orvis of Suffolk

1649 John Palmer of Hertfordshire
1649 'Widow' Palmer of Hertfordshire
1645 Anne Palmer of Suffolk
1603 Mary Pannel of Yorkshire
1603 Mary Pannel of Yorkshire
1645 Rose Parker of Suffolk
1687 M. Parle of Wiltshire
1645 'One' Payne of Suffolk
1620 'Mr' Peacock of London
1670 Elizabeth Peacock of Wiltshire
1672 Elizabeth Peacock of Wiltshire
1685 Elizabeth Peacock of Wiltshire
1612 Margaret Pearson of Lancaster
1579 Simon Pembroke of London
1664 Mary Penny of Somerset
1665 'Mother' Pepper of Northumberland
1565 Jennet Pereson of Durham
1652 Joan Peterson of Middlesex
1705 Mary Philipps of Northampton
1686 Honora Phippan of Somerset
1673 Elizabeth Pickering of Northumberland
1647 Thomas Pie of Cambridgeshire
1581 Anne Piers of Cornwall
1613 Margaret Pilton of Wiltshire
1645 Joan Potter of Suffolk
1652 'Mother' Powel of Durham
1645 Margaret Powell of Suffolk
1578 'Mr' Prescall of London
1612 Jennet Preston of Lancaster
1653 Joan Price of Wiltshire
1645 Rebecca Prick of Suffolk
1635 Mary Prowting of London
1645 Mark Pryme of Norfolk

1645 Anne Randall of Suffolk
1581 'Mr' Randoll of London
1645 Thomazine Ratcliffe of Suffolk
1680 Anna Rawlins of Somerset
1590 Margaret Read of Norfolk
1645 Margaret Read of Norfolk
1647 Thomasina Reade of Cambridgeshire
1652 Mary Reade of Kent
1612 Anne Redfearne of Lancaster
1645 Elizabeth Richmond of Suffolk
1645 Jane Rivett of Suffolk
1694 Clara Roach of Devon
1602 Elizabeth Roberts of Middlesex
1650 Joan Roberts of Middlesex
1654 Elizabeth Roberts of Yorkshire
1612 Isabel Robey of Lancaster
1628 Jane Robson of Northumberland
1658 Lydia Rogers of Middlesex
1586 Margaret Roper of Derbyshire
1637 'Goodwife' Rose of Bedfordshire
1674 Elizabeth Row of Middlesex
1645 Joane Ruce of Suffolk
1622 Margaret Russel of Middlesex
1616 Elizabeth Rutter of Middlesex
1616 Elizabeth Rutter of Middlesex
1685 Agnes Ryder of Devon
1675 Martha Rylens of Somerset
1597 Josia Ryley of Middlesex

1647 Adam Sabie of Cambridgeshire
1649 John Salmon of Hertfordshire
1649 Joseph Salmon of Hertfordshire
1649 Judeth Salmon of Hertfordshire
1589 Alice Samuel of Cambridgeshire
1578 'Mr' Sanford of London
1621 Elizabeth Sawyer of Middlesex
1645 John Scarfe of Suffolk
1645 Susan Scot of Suffolk
1652 Margery Scott of Middlesex
1645 Mary Scrutton of Suffolk
1686 Betty Seeze of Cornwall
1645 Mary Sexton of Suffolk
1645 Rachel Sexton of Suffolk
1705 Eliner Shaw of Northampton
1594 Jane Shelley of London
1646 Ellen Shepherd of Cambridgeshire
1581 Margaret Simmons of Kent
1652 Susan Simpson of London
1659 Elizabeth Simpson of Northumberland
1664 Jane Simpson of Northumberland
1645 Mary Skipper of Suffolk
1679 Ursula Skippon of Norfolk
1670 Anne Slade of Somerset
1649 Ann Smith of Hertfordshire
1649 Sarah Smith of Hertfordshire
1620 Gilbert Smith of Leicester
1650 Elizabeth Smith of Middlesex
1616 Mary Smith of Norfolk
1616 Mary Smith of Norfolk
1645 Anne Smith of Suffolk
1645 Mary Smith of Suffolk
1645 'Goodwife' Smith of Suffolk
1645 Susanna Smith of Suffolk
1578 'Mr' Smith of Sussex
1649 Elizabeth Smythe of Middlesex
1575 Katharine Smythe of Norfolk
1597 William Somers of Nottingham
1645 Elizabeth Southerne of Suffolk
1645 Margery Sparham of Suffolk
1637 Anne Spencer of Lancashire
1633 Mr Spencer of Lancaster
1633 'Goodwife Spencer of Lancaster
1645 Sarah Splinder of Suffolk
1597 Helen Spokes of Middlesex
1652 William Starr of Wiltshire
1645 Susan Stetgold of Suffolk
1672 Margaret Stevens of Somerset
1707 Maria Stevens of Somerset
1579 Elisabeth Stile of Berkshire
1653 Margaret Stothard of Northumberland
1682 Margaret Stothard of Northumberland
1663 Dorothy Stranger of Northumberland
1645 'Old' Stranguidge of Cambridgeshire
1663 Elizabeth Style of Somerset
1665 Elizabeth Style of Somerset
1645 Alexander Sussums of Suffolk
1613 'Mother' Sutton of Bedfordshire
1613 Mary Sutton of Bedfordshire
1645 Margery Sutton of Suffolk
1582 'Goodwife' Swane of Kent
1650 Dorothy Swinow of Northumberland
1649 Mary Sykes of Yorkshire
1664 Jone Syms of Somerset

1702 Joanna Tanner of Wiltshire
1645 Lydia Taylor of Suffolk
1635 Agnes Tedsall of Leicester
1558 John Thirkle of London
1604 Katherine Thompson of Northumberland
1673 Lucy Thompson of Northumberland
1559 Frances Throgmorton of London
1559 George Throgmorton of London
1672 Ann Tilling of Wiltshire
1685 Ann Tilling of Wiltshire
1645 Katherine Tooley of Suffolk
1670 Jane Townsend of Wiltshire
1578 'Mr' Tree of Sussex
1591 Stephen Trefulback of Middlesex
1682 Mary Trembles of Devon
1555 Joan Tyrry of Somerset

1627 Jane Urwen of Durham
1673 Anne Usher of Northumberland
1645 Anne Usher of Suffolk
1630 'Mother' Utley of Lancaster

1685 Jane Vallet of Devon
1612 Joane Vaughan of Northampton
1645 Mary Verdy of Norfolk
1664 John Vining of Somerset

1694 Margaret Waddam of Somerset
1656 William Wade of Yorkshire
1656 Mary Wade of Yorkshire
1580 Thomas Wadham of Somerset
1650 Ann Wagg of Derbyshire
1569 Ellen Walker of Dorset
1579 'Widow' Walker of Hampshire
1646 Jane Wallis of Cambridgeshire
1566 John Walsh of Dorset
1670 Aliena Walter of Devon
1664 Henry Walter of Somerset
1664 Dinah Warberton of Somerset
1664 Dorothy Warberton of Somerset
1664 Mary Warberton of Somerset
1645 Elisabeth Warne of Suffolk
1645 Alice Warner of Suffolk
1645 Sarah Warner of Suffolk
1645 Elisabeth Watcham of Suffolk
1565 'Mother' Waterhouse of Dorset
1661 Jane Watson of Northumberland
1700 Margaretta Way of Dorset
1610 Christiana Weech of Norfolk
1644 Elisabeth Weed of Cambridgeshire
1654 Christiana Weekes of Wiltshire
1616 Margaret Wellan of Middlesex
1712 Jane Wenham of Hertfordshire
1613 Alice West of London
1590 Joan White of Hertfordshire
1612 Anne Whittle of Lancaster
1645 Francis Wildes of Suffolk
1645 Barbara Wilkinson of Suffolk
1670 Anne Wilkinson of Yorkshire
1693 Katherine Williams of Devon
1594 Cuthbert Williamson of Yorkshire
1645 Joan Williford of Kent
1619 Joan Willimot of Leicester
1652 Anne Wilson of Kent
1646 John Winnick of Cambridgeshire
1645 Mary Winter of Suffolk
1672 Judith Witchell of Wiltshire
1685 Judith Witchell of Wiltshire
1577 Joan Wood of Sussex
1612 Mary Woods of Norfolk
1596 Elizabeth Wright of Derbyshire
1652 Mildred Wright of Kent
1645 Grace Wright of Norfolk
1646 Grace Wright of Norfolk
1673 William Wright of Northumberland
1645 Alice Wright of Suffolk
1645 Margaret Wyard of Suffolk
1646 John Wynnick of Huntingdonshire

1689 Margareta Young of Wiltshire
1698 Ruth Young of Wiltshire