Essex Witch Trials

Listed below are over 760 Essex Women and Men accused of being, or consorting with WITCHES. Many were found not guilty, but many others were hanged or more often died in prison. Over the coming months, I will be adding details of each case, but please be patient.
I have tried to use the spellings from the original documents. You will see that some people were accused more than once, but the name is sometimes spelt differently
June 2009

Blessed Be

1582 'Goodwife' George of Abberton
1584 Stephan Hugrave of Abberton
1584 Alice Hugrave of Abberton
1594 Stephen Hugrave of Abberton
1594 Alice Hugrave of Abberton
1600 "Widow" Howgrave of Abberton

1598 Robert Browning of Aldham

1587 Alice Bust of Alphamstone
1609 Alice Buske of Alphamstone

1591 Alice Jenitas of Alresford
1645 Mary Greencliffe of Alresford

1591 Juliana Cocke of Ashdon
1593 Juliana Cock of Ashdon
1596 'Goodwife' Rawe of Ashdon
1598 Anne Rawe of Ashdon
1598 Mary Rawe of Ashdon

1589 Margaret Johnson of Asheldham
1595 Thomas Forby of Asheldham

1592 Elizabeth Boxer of Aveley

1633 Jone Dowsit of Aythorpe Roding
1633 Parnel Sharpe of Aythorpe Roding
1633 Rebecca Write of Aythorpe Roding
1634 Joane Dowsett of Aythorpe Roding
1634 Jeffery Holmes of Aythorpe Roding
1634 Joane Holmes of Aythorpe Roding

1588 Edward Mason of Bardfield

1591 "Mother" Saunder of Bardwell

1574 Cecilia Glasenbery of Barking
1576 Joan Pynder of Barking
1579 Elizabeth Hardinge of Barking
1580 Elizabeth Hardynge of Barking
1588 Henry Barbor of Barking
1591 'Goodwife' Sare of Barking
1592 Alice Foster of Barking
1595 Carter of Barking
1596 'Goodwife' Jones of Barking
1666 Martha Chalke of Barking
1666 Martha Driver of Barking

1651 Joan Wayte of Barnston

1598 Thomas Morice of Beauchamp Roothing

1602 'Goodwife' Houlder of Beaumont

1574 Agnes Dix of Belchamp Walter
1600 Rose Chapman of Belchamp Walter

1651 William Hills of Berden

1616 John Scates of Billericay

1602 Thomas Welles of Birdbrook
1602 'Goodwife' Welles of Birdbrook
1621 Anne Mortlake of Birdbrook

1601 Helen Alyer of Black Notley
1602 William Burles of Black Notley
1603 Margery Wilson of Black Notley

1605 Katherine Weaver of Blackmore

1591 Margaret Rooman of Bocking
1610 Anne Prentice of Bocking
1653 Mary Aylett of Bocking

1566 Alice Gardiner of Boreham
1566 "Widow" Middleton of Boreham
1576 Mary Belsted of Boreham
1576 Margaret Belsted of Boreham
1576 Margaret Poole of Boreham
1593 Agnes Haven of Boreham
1594 Mary Belsted of Boreham

1578 Margaret Ganne of Borley
1578 Joan Norfolk of Borley
1578 Margaret Welles of Borley
1579 Margaret Gannd of Borley
1579 Joan Norfolk of Borley
1613 John Cornell of Borley

1579 Robert Crake of Boxted

1592 Margery Dickes of Bradfield
1670 Sarah Ladbrooke of Bradfield
1670 Margaret Leech of Bradfield
1670 John Wood of Bradfield

1575 Joan Litelberie of Bradwell
1577 Joan Litelberie of Bradwell
1577 Margery Sowman of Bradwell
1591 'Mother' Saunder of Bradwell
1591 Margaret Wiseman of Bradwell
1584 Margaret Lyttelberie of Bradwell-on-sea

1579 Alice Aylett of Braintree
1583 Alice Aylett of Braintree
1586 Alice Aylett of Braintree
1589 Alice Aylett of Braintree
1590 Alice Aylett of Braintree
1600 Alice Aylett of Braintree
1589 Anne Crabbe of Braintree
1602 Elizabeth Pegge of Braintree
1636 Parnella Boutwood of Braintree

1575 Juliana Woodward of Brentwood
1576 Elizabeth Aylett of Brentwood
1576 Joan Baker of Brentwood
1576 Joan Johnson of Brentwood
1597 Alice Warren of Brentwood
1624 George Burre of Brentwood

1579 Alice Mylles of Brightlingsea
1580 Joan Dowtie of Brightlingsea
1581 Alice Mylles of Brightlingsea
1582 Alice Mylles of Brightlingsea

1586 Joan Foster of Broomfield
1595 Joan Foster of Broomfield

1566 "Mother" Lewin of Bulphan

1584 Joan Thorock of Burnham
1585 Anne Bonner of Burnham
1585 Agnes Thurrock of Burnham

1600 Thomas Saye of Buttsbury

1580 Rose Pye of Canewdon
1585 Cicily Makyn of Canewdon
1590 'Goodwife' Makins of Canewdon

1578 Miles Blomfield of Chelmsford
1612 Alice Arthur of Chelmsford
1659 Anne Woolward of Chelmsford

1578 Ralph Grange of Chipping Ongar

1573 Robert Wallys of Chishall

1595 Elizabeth Woodborne of Clavering

1567 Alice Atrum of Coggeshall
1588 George Haven of Coggeshall
1590 John Badlye of Coggeshall
1590 Thomas Browne of Coggeshall
1590 'Goodwife' Browne of Coggeshall
1590 Thomas Browninge of Coggeshall
1590 Margaret Foster of Coggeshall
1590 George Haven of Coggeshall
1590 'Goodwife' Leonard of Coggeshall
1590 John Wade of Coggeshall
1590 'Goodwife' Wade of Coggeshall
1595 Rose More of Coggeshall
1607 Anne Harvye of Coggeshall

1573 Benjamin Fairstead of Colchester
1573 'Mother' Humfrey of Colchester
1573 Helen Wedon of Colchester
1576 Ethelreda Pilgrim of Colchester
1582 Margaret Hobigge of Colchester
1582 Sarah Hobigge of Colchester
1582 Margaret Holbeye of Colchester
1582 Catherine Reve of Colchester
1582 Henry Driver of Colchester
1585 Henry Driver of Colchester
1585 Alice Driver of Colchester
1585 Margaret Holbeye of Colchester
1585 Katherine Reve of Colchester
1592 Alice Driver of Colchester
1592 Margaret Rand of Colchester
1599 Elizabeth Shymell of Colchester
1645 'Widow' Stawsby of Colchester
1651 Margaret Burgis of Colchester
1651 John Lock of Colchester

1619 William Walford of Cold Norton

1590 Anne Crabbe of Colne Engaine
1592 Amos Manship of Colne Engaine
1611 Anne Harvy of Colne Engaine

1566 William Harris of Creeksea
1566 Reverend Lone of Creeksea
1566 'One' Richmaond of Creeksea

1567 'Goodwife' Ram of Cressing
1589 Agnes Browne of Cressing
1589 'Goodwife' Wilcockes of Cressing

1589 'Goodwife' Upney of Dagenham
1589 Joan Uptney of Dagenham
1589 Francisca Uptney of Dagenham
1589 Agnes Whitland of Dagenham
1590 Agnes Whitland of Dagenham
1591 Agnes Whitland of Dagenham
1590 Alice Adcock of Dagenham
1591 Ellen Graye of Dagenham

1560 John Smythe of Danbury
1561 John Smythe of Danbury
1572 John Smythe of Danbury
1587 John Smythe of Danbury
1572 Joan Smythe of Danbury
1566 "Widow" Stokes of Danbury
1618 Susan Spilman of Danbury

1580 Agnes Mylles of Dedham
1582 Rose Barton of Dedham

1579 Brigitte Bradye of Doddinghurst
1600 'Goodwife' Lavander of Doddinghurst

1615 Margaret Buller of Dovercourt
1618 Anne Buller of Dovercourt
1619 Margaret Buller of Dovercourt

1574 Anne Brewer of Dunton

1574 Thomas Smith of Earls Colne
1581 Mary Greane of Earls Colne
1587 Thomas Smith of Earls Colne
1605 Richard Banckes of Earls Colne

1590 Alice Bateman of East Hanningfield
1608 William Mawr of East Hanningfield
1608 Suzanne Mawr of East Hanningfield
1608 Henry Pechie of East Hanningfield
1608 'Goodwife' Pechie of East Hanningfield
1608 Joan Pechie of East Hanningfield
1608 'Goodwife' Seley of East Hanningfield

1584 Joan Colson of East Mersea
1591 Thomas Harvey of East Mersea

1600 James Hamon of East Tilbury

1576 Agnes Berden of Elsenham
1578 Margaret Ganzey of Elsenham
1578 Margaret Harvey of Elsenham
1646 Debora Nailer of Elsenham
1650 Deborah Naylor of Elsenham

1584 Lucy Fyssher of Feering
1584 Edmund Mansell of Feering
1601 Anne Harris of Feering
1601 Clemence Vale of Feering

1593 Alice Alberte of Felsted

1571 Elizabeth Egles of Fifield

1585 Alice Dragge of Finchingfield
1588 William Bennet of Finchingfield
1591 Alice Crake of Finchingfield
1659 William Bones of Finchingfield
1659 Abraham Bones of Finchingfield
1659 Mary Warner of Finchingfield
1659 Alice Warner of Finchingfield

1578 Thomasina Wood of Fingringhoe

1592 Joan Bell of Fobbing

1590 John Church of Fordham
1590 'Goodwife' Church of Fordham
1590 Robert Wright of Fordham
1590 'Goodwife' Wright of Fordham

1620 Margaret Greene of Foulness

1591 Margaret Coalle of Frating

1599 Edmund Crosse of Goldhanger

1594 Elizabeth Garrett of Gosfield
1594 Joan Garrett of Gosfield

1602 Agnes Gyll of Grays Thurrock

1577 Henry Chitham of Great Bardfield
1585 William Asplin of Great Bardfield
1585 Edward Mason of Great Bardfield
1587 Edward Mason of Great Bardfield
1587 Alan Moore of Great Bardfield

1589 Margaret Newman of Great Bentley
1589 John Warman of Great Bentley
1589 Joan Warman of Great Bentley
1598 Joan Roothe of Great Bentley
1603 Joan Roath of Great Bentley
1609 Edmund Munt of Great Bentley
1653 John Lock of Great Bentley

1585 'Widow' Davye of Great Braxted
1588 Margaret Murdett of Great Braxted
1653 Thomas White of Great Braxted

1582 Agnes Bryant of Great Burstead
1610 John Skafe of Great Burstead

1630 Dionisia Josselyn of Great Canfield

1579 Elizabeth Moresby of Great Chesterford
1580 Jane Moresby of Great Chesterford
1584 Elizabeth Morrisbee of Great Chesterford
1584 Jane Morrisbee of Great Chesterford
1586 Joan Page of Great Chesterford
1650 Elizabeth Whitelocke of Great Chesterford

1597 Augustin Elliott of Great Chishall

1593 Elizabeth Packman of Great Clacton
1645 Anne Cooper of Great Clacton
1645 Joan Cooper of Great Clacton
1645 Elizabeth Heare of Great Clacton
1645 Dorothy Waters of Great Clacton
1645 Mary Wiles of Great Clacton

1567 Alice Prestmarye of Great Dunmow
1578 Joan Prestmary of Great Dunmow
1579 Joan Prestmary of Great Dunmow
1579 Richard Prestmary of Great Dunmow
1592 Agnes Draper of Great Dunmow
1592 Anne Scott of Great Dunmow
1592 Audrea Mathewe of Great Dunmow
1594 Audrea Mathewe of Great Dunmow
1602 Thomas Maund of Great Dunmow
1675 Elizabeth Gynn of Great Dunmow

1638 Anne Cade of Great Holland
1645 Anne Cate of Great Holland
1645 Bridget Mayers of Great Holland
1645 Anne Therston of Great Holland

1595 Margaret Childe of Great Horkesley

1584 Elizabeth Brooke of Great Leighs
1621 Anne Hewghes of Great Leighs

1588 Joan Pakeman of Great Oakley

1605 John Comines of Great Parndon
1605 'Goodwife' Comines of Great Parndon

1587 Rose Clarens of Great Sampford
1587 Rose Colyne of Great Sampford
1589 Henry Perrye of Great Sampford

1579 Joan Burton of Great Stambridge
1584 Joan Burton of Great Stambridge
1590 Joan Burton of Great Stambridge

1585 Agnes Lea of Great Tey

1564 William Rande of Great Totham
1576 John Plummer of Great Totham
1576 Joan Tomson of Great Totham
1576 Mary Tomson of Great Totham
1657 Mary Symons of Great Totham

1564 Elizabeth Lowys of Great Waltham
1588 Ellinor Bett of Great Waltham
1589 Ellen Bett of Great Waltham
1592 Joan Playle of Great Waltham
1601 John Arwaker of Great Waltham
1605 William Duffield of Great Waltham

1602 Robert Frend of Great Warley

1599 Parnella Abbott of Greenstead
1600 Petronella Abbott of Greenstead

1589 Agnes Hamond of Hadleigh
1605 Grace Browne of Hadleigh
1645 'Goodwife' Hovey of Hadleigh

1572 Agnes Steadman of Halstead
1576 Margery Spencer of Halstead
1597 Joan Fysher of Halstead
1603 Anne Horne of Halstead
1610 Lucy Buttler of Halstead
1610 Winifred Stowers of Halstead
1620 Gilbert Wakering of Halstead
1626 Helen Pedder of Halstead

1626 Joan Freeman of Harlow
1634 'One' Mathew of Harlow

1601 Alice Babbe of Harwich
1601 Margaret Grove of Harwich
1601 Elizabeth Hanby of Harwich
1601 Elizabeth Hankinson of Harwich
1601 Elizabeth Hudson of Harwich
1605 Mary Harte of Harwich
1609 Thomas Barneby of Harwich
1609 Cecily Wigborough of Harwich
1609 Peter Wigborough of Harwich
1634 Anne Poulter of Harwich
1634 Jane Prentice of Harwich
1634 Jane Wiggins of Harwich
1638 Susan Prentice of Harwich
1638 Jane Prentice of Harwich
1645 Sarah Burton of Harwich
1660 Bridget Weaver of Harwich

1602 Anne Wyrght of Hatfield Broad Oak
1642 Mary Webb of Hatfield Broad Oak

1566 Agnes Duke of Hatfield Peverel
1566 'Mother' Eve of Hatfield Peverel
1566 Elizabeth Fraunces of Hatfield Peverel
1566 Eve Fraunces of Hatfield Peverel
1566 Robert Wallys of Hatfield Peverel
1566 Agnes Waterhowse of Hatfield Peveral
1566 Joan Waterhouse of Hatfield Peverel
1566 Lora Wynchester of Hatfield Peverel
1567 Joan Osborne of Hatfield Peverel
1572 Elizabeth Francis of Hatfield Peverel
1572 Agnes Francys of Hatfield Peverel
1576 Agnes Bromley of Hatfield Peverel
1579 Elizabeth Fraunces of Hatfield Peverel
1579 Elizabeth Lorde of Hatfield Peverel
1584 Joan Cocke of Hatfield Peverel
1584 Agnes Duke of Hatfield Peverel
1587 Mary Godfrey of Hatfield Peverel
1587 John Gosse of Hatfield Peverel
1587 'Goodwife' Gosse of Hatfield Peverel
1587 Joan Osborne of Hatfield Peverel
1587 Elizabeth Pillgram of Hatfield Peverel
1589 Jenny Duke of Hatfield Peverel
1589 Agnes Duke of Hatfield Peverel
1589 John Heare of Hatfield Peverel
1589 Jenny Heare of Hatfield Peverel

1572 'Mother' Miller of Haveringe
1589 Margaret Wright of Havering

1587 Margaret Harrison of Hawkwell
1624 John Crushe of Hawkwell

1586 Richard Cole of Hempstead

1634 Elinor Aylet of High Laver
1634 Faythe Saye of High Laver

1586 Agnes Welles of High Ongar

1576 Margery Pavett of High Roothing
1633 'Goody' Mathewe of High Roding
1633 Elizabeth Spacy of High Roding
1634 'One' Somes of High Roding
1634 'Goodwife' Somes of High Roding
1634 Rebecca Spacey of High Roding

1578 Thomas Barker of Hockley
1600 Stephen Vincent of Hockley
1602 'Goodwife' Frauncis of Hockley
1602 Margery Murfield of Hockley
1612 Agnes Rawlins of Hockley

1589 Richard Dunne of Holy Cross
1589 Agnes Dunne of Holy Cross

1576 James Hopkinne of Hornchurch
1578 William Leonard of Hornchurch
1578 Brigit Leonard of Hornchurch

1574 Katherine Slowman of Horndon
1589 'Goodwife' Slaughter of Horndon
1602 Thomas Veare of Horndon

1595 John Trower of Ingrave
1595 Grace Trower of Ingrave

1567 Joan Cocke of Kelvedon
1567 'Goodwife' Noble of Kelvedon
1589 Margery Banby of Kelvedon

1645 Helen Bretton of Kirby-le-Soken
1645 Mary Coppin of Kirby-le-Soken

1650 Elizabeth Balden of Knebsworth

1579 Alice Nokes of Lamborne
1579 Thomas Longe of Lambourne
1616 John Godfrie of Lambourne
1616 Sarah Godfrie of Lambourne

1589 Thomas Corde of Langdon Hills

1588 'Widow' Tibboulde of Langham
1645 Mary Cooke of Langham
1645 Mary Sterling of Langham
1645 Susanna Went of Langham

1574 Alice Reade of Lawford
1584 Joan Thatcher of Lawford
1598 William Ruffle of Lawford
1645 'Mother' Benfield of Lawford
1645 Jane Bigs of Lawford
1645 Jane Browne of Lawford
1645 'Mother' Clarke of Lawford
1645 'Mother' Forman of Lawford
1645 Rachel Flower of Lawford
1645 Mary Foster of Lawford
1645 Mary Greene of Lawford
1645 'Mother' Goodwin of Lawford
1645 Frances Jones of Lawford
1645 'Mother' Miller of Lawford
1645 Mary Rhodes of Lawford
1645 'Goodwife' Wayt of Lawford
1641 Anne West of Lawford
1645 Anne West of Lawford
1645 Rebecca West of Lawford

1641 Thomas Fuller of Layer Marney

1583 William Curswell of Layer-de-la-Haye
1583 Joan Curswell of Layer-de-la-Haye

1634 Richard Pavitt of Leaden Roding
1634 'Goodwife' Pavitt of Leaden Roding

1574 Joan Allen of Leigh
1622 Alice Soles of Leigh
1645 Joan Rowle of Leigh

1587 Alan Moore of Lexdon

1568 Alice Swallow of Little Baddow
1569 Alice Swallow of Little Baddow
1570 Alice Swallow of Little Baddow
1570 Alice Bambricke of Little Baddow

1595 Alice Tibbould of Little Bromley

1605 Margaret Prentize of Little Burstead

1582 Cecilia Celles of Little Clacton
1582 Henry Celles of Little Clacton

1568 Thomas Bridge of Little Horkesley
1568 John Wentworth of Little Horkesley

1618 Mary Holt of Little Leighs

1582 Agnes Heard of Little Okely
1592 Anne Heard of Little Oakley
1601 David Tarver of Little Oakley

1575 Margery Kirkham of Little Saling
1575 John Kirkham of Little Saling

1587 Joan Preston of Little Sampford
1587 Frances Preston of Little Sampford
1587 John Preston of Little Sampford

1610 Anne Roberts of Little Thurrock

1610 Anne Pennyfather of Little Totham

1566 Margery Skelton of Little Wakering
1572 William Skelton of Little Wakering
1572 Margery Skelton of Little Wakering

1590 Joan Mose of Loughton
1590 Agnes Mose of Loughton
1592 John Monday of Loughton

1633 Jane Case of Magdalen Laver
1633 Jane Lasco of Magdalen Laver

1566 'One' Nethersall of Maldon
1572 Alice Chaundeler of Maldon
1574 Alice Chaundeler of Maldon
1579 Ellen Smyth of Maldon
1580 Humfrey Poles of Maldon
1591 Thomas Collyne of Maldon
1591 Edmund Hunt of Maldon
1591 George Oder of Maldon
1592 Margaret Wiseman of Maldon

1566 Emma Crosse of Manningtree
1594 Anne Harvey of Manningtree
1645 Sarah Bright of Manningtree
1645 Elizabeth Clarke of Manningtree
1645 Ellen Clarke of Manningtree
1645 Elizabeth Goodwyn of Manningtree
1645 Elizabeth Gooding of Manningtree
1647 Nicholas Leech of Manningtree

1585 Lettice Tybbold of Maplestead

1587 Joan Gibson of Messing

1644 Elisabeth Gooding of Mistley
1645 Anne Leach of Mistley

1607 Blanche Worman of Moulsham

1587 Joan Abbott of Mount Bures

1610 Lunne of Mucking

1570 Anne Vicars of Navestock
1616 Blanche Prisley of Navestock
1616 Anne Prisley of Navestock
1616 Katherine Prisley of Navestock
1647 Jane Lavender of Navestock
1647 Francis Lavender of Navestock

1612 Thomas Campe of Nazeing
1612 Mary Clarke of Nazeing
1612 Giles Payson of Nazeing

1653 Mary Hurst of Nevendon

1576 'Mother' Persorne of Navestock

1561 John Devon of Newhall

1603 John Banckes of Newport
1650 Mary Welby of Newport

1611 Richard Jonn of North Ockendon
1611 Anne Jonn of North Ockendon

1579 William Elkin of North Weald
1579 'Goodwife' Elkin of North Weald
1602 Agnes Wilkine of North Weald

1602 Audrey Pond of Old Saling

1662 Anne Silvester of Orsett

1601 Magdalen Purcas of Panfield

1588 Margaret Ellys of Pattiswick
1609 Mary Wade of Pattiswick

1599 Thomas Ward of Purleigh
1600 Isabella Whyte of Purleigh

1584 Henry Gower of Quendon

1606 Richard Cradock of Radwinter

1574 Margaret Saunders of Rainham
1576 Margaret Saunder of Rainham
1593 Margaret Saunder of Rainham
1632 Mary Cutford of Rainham

1582 Michael Smythe of Ramsey
1582 Joyce Smythe of Ramsey
1601 Ursula Harvey of Ramsey
1607 Mary Woodward of Ramsey
1640 Elizabeth Harvey of Ramsey
1640 Sarah Hatyn of Ramsey
1640 Marian Hocket of Ramsey
1642 Sarah Hatyn of Ramsey
1645 Sarah Borton of Ramsey
1645 Elizabeth Harvy of Ramsey
1645 Sarah Hatyn of Ramsey
1645 Mary Hockett of Ramsey

1621 'Doctor' Francklin of Ratcliff

1566 Elizabeth Fullar of Rayleigh
1595 Anne Moore of Rayleigh

1620 Alice Trittle of Rettendon

1621 Elizabeth Parnsbye of Rickling

1574 Joan Stubbinge of Ridgewell
1647 Helen Disse of Ridgewell

1589 Joan Hinckson of Rochford
1605 "Widow" Hingson of Rochford

1570 'One' Cobham of Romford
1570 Agnes Coples of Romford
1575 Joan Turner of Romford
1583 Richard Barker of Romford
1583 Joan Barker of Romford
1585 John Shounke of Romford
1592 John Crave of Romford
1592 William Moushowe of Romford

1578 Cecily Turner of Roydon
1605 Nicholas Slater of Roydon

1582 Elizabeth Bennett of St. Osyth
1582 Elizabeth Ewstace of St. Osyth
1582 Agnes Glascock of St. Osyth
1582 Alice Hunt of St. Osyth
1582 Ursula Kemp of St. Osyth
1582 Alice Newman of St. Osyth
1582 Joan Pechey of St. Osyth
1582 Margery Sammon of St. Osyth
1582 Anne Swallowe of St. Osyth
1582 Joan Turner of St. Osyth
1584 Margery Barnes of St. Osyth
1584 Alice Bolton of St. Osyth
1584 Joan Dale of St. Osyth
1584 Elizabeth Lumney of St. Osyth
1645 Joyce Boones of St. Osyth
1645 Anne Cade of St. Osyth
1645 Susan Cocke of St. Osyth
1645 Rose Hallybread of St. Osyth
1645 Annis Heard of St. Osyth
1645 Rebecca Jones of St. Osyth
1645 Margaret Landish of St. Osyth

1579 Joan Michell of Saffron Walden
1594 Agnes Bett of Saffron Walden
1602 Alice Bentley of Saffron Walden

1588 "Widow" Dawson of Salcott

1602 Anne Hyble of Shalford
1626 Katherine Kinge of Shalford
1626 Anne West of Shalford

1580 John Symonde of Shenfield

1561 Margaret Hosie of Shopland

1588 Katherine Harrys of Sible Hedingham
1588 Agnes Lawsell of Sible Hedingham
1588 Agnes Smythe of Sible Hedingham
1589 Elizabeth Mott of Sible Hedingham
1589 Joan Prentice of Sible Hedingham
1589 Elizabeth Whale of Sible Hedingham
1593 Elizabeth Esterford of Sible Hedingham
1593 Margaret Saunder of Sible Hedingham
1601 Margaret Ellis of Sible Hedingham

1599 John Watson of South Benfleet
1599 'Goodwife' Watson of South Benfleet

1584 Thomas Kynge of South Hanningfield
1590 Francisca Pashall of South Hanningfield

1580 Joyce Duckerell of South Ockendon
1583 Agnes Billinge of South Ockendon
1584 Agnes Byllynge of South Ockendon
1616 Margaret Lambe of South Ockendon

1580 Ralph Spacey of Southminster

1670 Joan Crumpe of South Weald

1566 'One' Gyles of Springfield
1566 'Mother' Wheatley of Springfield
1626 Dennis Nash of Springfield

1663 Sarah Houghton of Stambourne

1584 'Goodwife' Joyce of Stanford Rivers
1586 Anne Joyce of Stanford Rivers

1638 Catherine Hooke of Stanford-le-Hope

1666 Anne Betts of Stapleford Tawney

1583 Margaret Hogden of Stebbing
1583 Anne Smythe of Stebbing
1592 Agnes Hales of Stebbing
1593 Agnes Hales of Stebbing
1592 Jane Wallys of Stebbing
1596 Agnes Smithe of Stebbing
1602 Katherine Ager of Stebbing
1602 Barbara Pond of Stebbing
1653 Benjamyn Brand of Stebbing
1653 Joan Brand of Stebbing

1566 Mr. Hawes of Steeple

1599 Elizabeth Batcheler of Stifford
1631 Edmund Rowlande of Stifford

1581 Joan Turner of Stisted
1589 Margaret Cony of Stisted
1589 Avice Cony of Stisted
1589 Joan Cony of Stisted
1595 Alice Marshall of Stisted
1609 Alice Potchys of Stisted
1610 Alice Pitches of Stisted
1645 John Alston of Stisted
1643 John Alston of Stisted
1643 Thomas Ailett of Stisted
1643 Robert Aylett of Stisted
1643 Joseph Dier of Stisted
1643 Joseph Drake of Stisted
1643 William Drake of Stisted
1643 Lady Eden of Stisted
1643 Sarah Fletcher of Stisted
1643 'One' Henry of Stisted
1643 Martin Lumelyes of Stisted
1643 William Maxies of Stisted
1643 Abraham Rich of Stisted
1643 James Richardson of Stisted
1643 Lambert Smith of Stisted
1643 Elizabeth Waite of Stisted

1576 "Widow" Sawell of Stock
1576 Agnes Sawen of Stock
1577 Agnes Sawen of Stock
1580 Elizabeth Boxworthe of Stock

1591 Sara Kempe of Stondon

1615 Grace Tabour of Stow Maries

1578 Jane Buxtone of Stratford Langthorne
1579 Margaret Rogers of Stratford Langthorne
1581 Benneta Buxton of Stratford Langthorne
1581 Margaret Rogers of Stratford Langthorne

1653 Helen Dishe of Takeley

1594 Mary Bright of Tendring
1594 Margaret Clarke of Tendring

1573 Elizabeth Taylor of Thaxted
1574 Elizabeth Taylor of Thaxted
1574 Alice Hynckson of Thaxted
1590 Margaret Snell of Thaxted
1602 George Taylor of Thaxted

1589 Joan Dering of Theydon Garnon

1570 'Mother' Malter of Theydon Mount

1582 Margaret Grevell of Thorpe-le-Soken
1582 Alice Manfield of Thorpe-le-Soken
1594 Anne Harrison of Thorpe-le-Soken
1594 Bridget Hayle of Thorpe-le-Soken
1594 Elizabeth Hayle of Thorpe-le-Soken
1601 Lucy Eltheridge of Thorpe-le-Soken
1640 Margaret Moone of Thorpe-le-Soken
1643 Margaret Moone of Thorpe-le-Soken
1645 Margaret Moone of Thorpe-le-Soken
1645 Judith Moone of Thorpe-le-Soken
1645 Elizabeth Gibson of Thorpe-le-Soken
1652 Elizabeth Hynes of Thorpe-le-Soken

1588 Katherine Hayre of Thorrington
1588 'Widow' Heard of Thorrington
1589 'Widow' Hare of Thorrington

1572 Katherine Pullen of Tollesbury
1598 Christian Hunt of Tollesbury
1599 Christian Hunt of Tollesbury

1594 'Widow' Howe of Tolleshunt Knights
1597 John Manning of Tolleshunt Knights
1597 'Goodwife' Manning of Tolleshunt Knights

1612 Alice Batty of Toppesfield
1613 Robert Parker of Toppesfield
1614 Alice Batty of Toppesfield

1605 Elizabeth Chapman of Ugley

1587 Jane Cotsall of Upminster
1605 Christine Fulton of Upminster
1616 Susan Barker of Upminster
1627 Barbara Augur of Upminster

1610 Katherine Lawrett of Wakes Colne

1647 Anne Clarke of Waltham Cross
1654 Anne Clark of Waltham Cross

1582 Joan Robinson of Walton

1645 Margery Grew of Walton-le-Soken

1579 Agnes Taster of Weeley
1591 Bryant of Weeley
1591 John Carter of Weeley

1577 Robert Chambers of West Ham
1621 'Goodwife' Hedlin of West Ham
1621 Katherine Malpass of West Ham
1621 'Goodwife' White of West Ham

1589 Margaret Prior of West Mersea
1591 Elizabeth Maun of West Mersea

1566 Joan Knowlar of West Tilbury
1653 Susan Haveringe of West Tilbury
1653 Elizabeth Wyndell of West Tilbury

1626 Dorothy Hills of Wethersfield

1568 Robert Ellys of White Notley

1565 Anne Vale of White Roding

1596 Faith Somer of Wigborough

1606 Edwin Hadslye of Willingale Doe
1607 Edwin Haddesley of Willingale Doe

1578 Margery Stanton of Wimbish
1579 Margery Stanton of Wimbish

1560 Joan Haddon of Witham
1566 'One' Clarke of Witham
1587 Robert Armon of Witham
1587 Lettice Harris of Witham
1587 Thomas Wayland of Witham
1588 Elizabeth Harris of Witham
1589 Thomas Harding of Witham
1589 'Goodwife' Harding of Witham
1592 Margaret Hogden of Witham

1590 John Gyles of Wivenhoe
1591 Agnes Heard of Wivenhoe
1645 Alice Dixon of Wivenhoe
1645 Mary Johnson of Wivenhoe

1591 "Widow" Coppres of Woodford
1591 "Widow" May of Woodford

1593 Margaret Mynnet of Woodham Ferrers
1664 Robert Copping of Woodham Ferrers

1580 Nicholas Johnson of Woodham Mortimer
1664 John Webb of Woodham Mortimer

1582 Elizabeth Newman of Wormingford

1578 Katherine Howe
1577 Richard Bale
1577 Thomas Foster
1577 Robert Mantell
1577 Doctor Elkes
1577 Doctor Spacie
1578 Katherine Howe
1580 Robert Mantell
1580 Mr. Constance
1580 Thomas Lovekin
1580 'One' Randell
1580 Mr. Warner
1582 Elizabeth Ewstace
1582 Joan Pechye
1583 Joan Maidston
1584 Joan Colshall
1584 Joan Dickes
1586 Elizabeth Barwick
1586 Alice Newman
1587 Elizabeth Jakson
1589 Joan Adcock
1593 Julianna Cock
1593 Joan Grine
1596 Joan Gardiner
1596 Joan Luckyn
1596 Mary Luckyn
1603 Joan Thorndon
1609 Anne Feilde
1619 Anne Byford
1621 'Widow' Chapman
1626 Anne Wilson
1628 Anne Freeman
1631 Parnell Smyth
1633 Jane Wiggins
1634 Jane Seabrooke
1634 Emma Taylor
1634 Elizabeth Wilkins
1638 Elinor Witherall
1639 Robert Garnett
1639 Anne Lamperill
1642 Anne Wace
1644 Dorothy Ilford
1645 Dorothy Brooke
1645 'Goodwife' Hagtree
1649 Ruth Stephens
1660 Elizabeth Huntsman