To What Extent Did Superstition Or Other Factors Influence The Convictions Of Essex Witches

Victoria Hulford

Page 6. Bibliography

Witchcraft in Tudor and Stuart England (A Regional and Comparative Study)
Alan Macfarlane
Routledge London 1999
This was the most useful and reliable source I used. It contained background information about the country and Essex in particular during the Tudor and Stuart period. It also contained extracts from court cases of the time and pamphlets that were written by contemporaries. It provided me with an unbiased source of reliable information.

Behind The Crystal Ball (Magic and Science From Antiquity to the New Age)
Anthony Aveni
Newleaf 1996
Provided an unbiased background to reasons why the witchcraft phenomena took place in Britain and Europe.

Dictionary of Witchcraft
David Pickering
Cassell 1996
This book gave facts and figures of witches from particular Essex villages. Although it contained no obvious evidence from primary sources it was never the less useful as it gave an unbiased view and provided a general overview of what happened in the trials of witches from each village.

Witches and Warlocks
Philip W. Sergeant
Senate 1996
Provided reliable unbiased primary information gathered from pamphlets written in the 16th and 17th centuries about the witch trials.

The Witchcraft Papers
Peter Haining
Contained extracts from primary sources written about the witchcraft trials. An unbiased source.

The Boreham Witch - Fact or Fiction?
William J. T. Smith
There is a possibility that this source may have been biased, as it was produced to prove to people how unfairly the Boreham witch was treated and that she did really exist. The facts contained within the book may not be entirely correct, as it was written by a local vicar who is not a historian and conducted his own research.

The Stuart Age
Barry Coward
Longman 1982
I believe that this book is accurate and reliable in it's facts as it is a history textbook available in many schools. Although it was unable to provide me with any specific facts on the Essex witch trials, it gave me a general overview of the Stuart period, and the witch craft phenomena which took place throughout much of the country.

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